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Is it legit at Super Slots Casino? Is this right for you? In the remainder of this casino review, both of these questions will be answered. Bonus: 300 percent on the first 3 deposits, up to $2,000. From: 2020 online. Players of the US: Yes.

Super Slots Online Casino Review Contents

We’ve developed links to specific sections of this Super Slots Casino review. To jump to that section, click any link. At the bottom of the page is the Final Verdict.

Casino Ratings by Category

Online casino Super Slots runs well on both mobile devices and tablets. New players can claim bonus cash of up to $6,000, and there are nearly endless reload bonuses. There are fairly steep fees for a few of the payout methods.

The Casino

More than 130 different forms of slot games are offered by Super Slots Casino. After you have registered an account, there are demo games you can try in demo mode. Super Slots provides a wide variety of games to enjoy, so we’re going to split them down into groups.

Table Games

There are two live casinos at Super Slots Casino, but wireless table and card games are available as well. The roulette, blackjack, and poker sections have several versions. With a confirmed player account at Super Slots, you can try these games for free.

Video Poker

One of the few casino games you can get better at is video poker and you can win with talent rather than dumb luck. In several of these games, there are single-hand, multi-hand and pyramid poker variants.

Live Dealer Games

There are two Live Casinos: Red and Black. You can find games operated by Visionary iGaming in the Red casino. All of the live games are simple, but they are fair and the companies that sell them are familiar to us.

Software Providers

The majority of the slots at this casino are operated by Betsoft, although there are a few Magma games, too. One of the world’s largest 3D slots companies is Betsoft.

Super Slots Mobile Compatibility

Super Slots can run directly from your browser on all mobile devices. The games are mobile-optimized and tailor themselves automatically to the screen size of your computer.

Super Slots Bonuses and Promotions

The Mega Slots Casino has more than 1,000 poker tables and a progressive jackpot. It is open to all citizens of the United States and Canada. The casino is open seven days a week, seven nights a week.

Banking Methods Offered at Super Slots Casino

Super Slots has 100,000 poker rooms and is one of the biggest online gaming experiences in the U.S. It has a cumulative prize pool for the first 30,000 players of $2,000,000. Payouts would cost between $26 and $51 per check.

Customer Service

The Super Slots customer service team has two ways to contact them. Drop a line and request a reply within one to two hours at [email protected] Live chat enables you to contact a 24/7 customer service representative. Find answers in the FAQ section to the most popular questions.

The Final Verdict About

An exciting new casino location is Super Slots Casino. The incentives and promotions are great, and the range of games is solid. There are several ways to get fee-free, quick payouts.

57 thoughts on “What deposit methods are available at Super Slots Casino?”

  1. I’m using American Express to play at Super Slots Casino and they still allow 1 withdrawal per month.

  2. I’m using Discover to play at Super Slots Casino and they refused to do a withdrawal to my skrill account by same payment method. Then they told me they did not think I could do so, and then sent me a mail again with no answer to send them an email (as they wouldn’t send me an email without a reason, and in the middle of December so far – Christmas), and then I tried to cancel my account in couple of days with 1FA and have no refund from Discover. I tried all 3 email notifications, and unfortunately the system remains on hold. All their actions without a reason, what they just done as I can’t see any reason to do so (I sent them a mail 3 times, and email went into a read but didn’t go on to my address page, so guess I still haven’t received any information to cancel my account, but they have not replied at all). I ask you to understand why I can’t use Discover, because Discover is only doing the right thing when they say something wrong, they just keep in lock down after responding to a email with no way to contact them.

  3. I’m using Ripple to play at Super Slots Casino and I have opened accounts with bank transfer from Argentina & EU, using them 5 times on the 3rd of June 2014 and they all confirmed they are from Riatel. I ask them to make same account but they never opened account and they never took a screenshot of account.Now I was thinking the bank transfer should be back on the next transaction but it’s 2nd of November, I can’t log in, while I have 2 identical accounts that’s amazing, but can someone give me official answer?

  4. Miss Anita Reichert MD

    I’m using Visa to play at Super Slots Casino and when I ask for a paypal voucher to buy Skrill card I’m redirected to and when I try to pay with my credit card it’s declined. I’m not able to find any information about the actual reasons they reject my payment.Thank you in advance

  5. Gambling with Ethereum at Super Slots Casino is really fun, highly fast & easy, easily to use, and easy to compare rates between the good games and the bad ones. I’d say it’s absolutely the best way to use Ethereum in everyday economy. The best of this payment system, the best as of the nature of payment system to be trusted.

  6. Mr. Kelley Simonis DDS

    Super Slots Casino is my favourite casino and I‘m using Ethereum to deposit and withdraw funds in my accounts

  7. Ethereum is working great at Super Slots Casino and I’ll add it to my list of best payment option for online casinos.

  8. I’m using Bitcoin to play at Super Slots Casino and they close my account on the first day

  9. Dr. Thad Crooks IV

    American Express is working great at Super Slots Casino and I am glad to use this amazing payment option.

  10. Prof. Adolfo Cummerata IV

    Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with Ethereum at Super Slots Casino and Its Platform!

  11. Eleazar Mosciski

    Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with Bank Wire Transfer at Super Slots Casino casino deposits are verified, withdraws are transferred and verified almost daily

  12. What I really like about BitcoinCash and Super Slots Casino is that they are based in India and you can play there like any other casino. To play in any casino like that, it is best to do it online which is a lot safer in case you are in the casino.

  13. Mrs. Nichole Heathcote DVM

    Gambling with Discover at Super Slots Casino is really fun. I think if it’s online gambling that you need to check what card you are using and if you have to pay in another currency for a game or if you need to create a virtual card and have to verify it.

  14. Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with Person to Person at Super Slots Casino Bitcoin.

  15. Gambling with Bank Wire Transfer at Super Slots Casino is really fun. Last day of working is 1-2 days ago and deposit 4498 euros and payout 0.185.10 euros for my old password

  16. Ms. Deja Wilkinson

    Super Slots Casino is my favourite casino and I‘m using BitcoinCash to deposit all my winnings to it. It’s easy to withdraw.

  17. Sandrine Wolff Jr.

    What I really like about Bank Wire Transfer and Super Slots Casino is that while you can have 24 hours to review your money, the rest of the time you’re pretty much just handed the money right off the hook.Worried that they will cut you off at some point? And more concerned about not being able to see your money in the background? Good luck.

  18. Dr. Kyle Lueilwitz DVM

    I’m using Bank Check to play at Super Slots Casino and with almost 10% withdrawal it is working very good. I wish my bank would work with easier process.But I recommend this service to everyone.

  19. I’m using Bank Wire Transfer to play at Super Slots Casino and am paying 50p on top.I have many things on my card that are not my credit card…so any time i send money to casino, I’m send money with this card still not activated.I also was talking to several customers who are experiencing the same issue,and they informed me this card is not activated as a prepaid card,but other people have this problem as well…why is this card not activated?

  20. Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with Visa at Super Slots Casino. Both services are extremely quick and reliable.

  21. Rocio Hartmann V

    Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with Bank Check at Super Slots Casino.

  22. Leta Crist DDS

    Super Slots Casino is my favourite casino and I‘m using Bitcoin to deposit in those slots, and when I have a withdrawal from the Casino I receive Bitcoin from my bank or Wallet. This is a win win situation.

  23. Marjorie Abshire

    Super Slots Casino is my favourite casino and I‘m using American Express to deposit and pay out everything.

  24. Ms. Sharon Rempel DDS

    What I really like about American Express and Super Slots Casino is that it can be a online casino but casino casino has all the exclusive programs that you find at online casino and games. If you play online casino and play slots online casino and play slots with the American Express points and not spend the points you will never lose. I had 1 losing day.

  25. Davion Pacocha

    Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with MoneyOrders at Super Slots Casino. Only Issue is that I can’t withdraw and use my account. I can see one thing that made me wonder is that the bank doesn’t have an approved platform for withdraw money at Super Slots.

  26. Dr. August Jakubowski

    American Express is working great at Super Slots Casino and I feel like they are the one bank who deserve my money with PayPal.

  27. Litecoin is working great at Super Slots Casino and I think its great with Сeligio Trader casino!

  28. Dr. Noe Little DVM

    Super Slots Casino is my favourite casino and I‘m using American Express to deposit and withdraw the money that they create when you hold a slot lot.

  29. Super Slots Casino is my favourite casino and I‘m using Bank Check to deposit and withdraw money. I was not expecting it to work out like this.I asked for a refund and they refunded my money. I had a $50 credit in my account, and if I wanted that I would have sent them money today. You can’t have it all.

  30. Super Slots Casino is my favourite casino and I‘m using MoneyOrders to deposit funds. I‘ve played and I have never had problems with them. One time I was in the withdrawal process and because my web page had a “Thank you” message, I wanted to confirm that it was me and the website was fake and not a real casino. As I am in the process of withdrawal to my card and, as I have instructed, money orders were applied to my account by e-transfer so I had to go back to my payment supplier and see that the money was there and in my destination account.When I was done with the withdrawal process and looking for the payment information, I noticed I was unable to find the following information:where I registered my account, what was the profile I had in the casino, the descriptions of my cards and more importantly, where I had put my card money. Once I had found the information I needed, I was able to verify my profile and check my account details, which were all correct. I also got answers to my questions via e-mail, which is always a great sign and help. I had always

  31. Miss Myah Beier III

    What I really like about Ethereum and Super Slots Casino is its pricing. With a lot of casinos offering a minimum deposit of $250, Ethereum casino doesn’t charge this much.

  32. Josianne Shields

    What I really like about Discover and Super Slots Casino is that it works using electronic netsoctirse app. I like when they put electronic netsoctirse app on the netsoctirse app of every casino that will work with that app to show the purpose of the casino. I have at the moment 23 transactions of gaming that are recorded in my netsoctirse account and I have no problems with it.

  33. What I really like about Bank Check and Super Slots Casino is the ease of use. That’s definitely a plus for me.

  34. Gambling with Visa at Super Slots Casino is really fun. it makes me really happy that my money is safe

  35. Judd Gusikowski

    Gambling with Bitcoin at Super Slots Casino is really fun in the casino as the always difficult to deposit bitcoins in the Casino, good luck if you are in casino casino if you want to play with casino casino like the casino.

  36. Osborne Zboncak DVM

    I’m using MoneyOrders to play at Super Slots Casino and I can’t figure out how they keep stealing my money and not answering the calls. Please help me!!!

  37. Melisa Deckow V

    MoneyOrders is working great at Super Slots Casino and I have been using this since an Instant. So going to my second recommendation.

  38. Abbigail Langosh

    I’m using MasterCard to play at Super Slots Casino and its very simple to transfer money and withdraw. The money that they hold is still the same amount as it was in my local bank account but in the western federation. I don’t understand what they do with the money and why it is held.

  39. Vida Wilderman

    MasterCard is working great at Super Slots Casino and I like how safe it is, even for my bad gaming skills. I love that and am sure I will never use another payment option for the payment

  40. I’m using Ethereum to play at Super Slots Casino and now I can’t withdraw to my bank account. I requested my account to be debited with the Bitcoin they refund from my card, but they’re not done refunding it to my bank account yet.

  41. Mr. Larue Sporer

    Super Slots Casino is my favourite casino and I‘m using Bank Wire Transfer to deposit my money to Slots Casino. I‘m happy with this awesome option.

  42. Jamar Simonis

    Super Slots Casino is my favourite casino and I‘m using Ripple to deposit into it’s slots. It is a great platform for transaction, and I always get to write the details on the slot description. It takes my precious 100 dollar (5.9 cents) that I would normally save for gambler’s, and keeps it in my bank. Using a money service provider as opposed to a very great casino. That is a really excellent service, do keep it up guys.

  43. Gambling with BitcoinCash at Super Slots Casino is really fun for me for gambling with BitcoinCash.

  44. Greyson Thompson

    I’m using Litecoin to play at Super Slots Casino and it’s it’s an amazing platform for me to try my luck and very safe. It’s very convenient for people of all age to try out casinos.I have been using this currency for a couple of years now and definitely the best and it’s an amazing platform.

  45. Christine Feest

    What I really like about American Express and Super Slots Casino is the speed and ease of use.I have received payment from USA Bitcoin Association, which I consider the Bitcoin front that provides convenience in both of them.

  46. Demarcus Greenholt

    What I really like about Visa and Super Slots Casino is the attitude of any business which wishes to find an honest business partner in the market. Their professional and friendly attitude to any request that you ask for, they respond in a professional manner without any delay. They don’t tell you that their card processing service is only a short-term solution. I am not sure when in the next six months that I will be able to use the card processing service that you offer. If Visa and Super Slots Casino is going to continue to provide a level of customer service in the future, then I want to be able to withdraw my money in the future.

  47. Mrs. Idell Jast

    Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with BitcoinCash at Super Slots Casino.I wish you the best of luck.

  48. Frederik Walter

    Super Slots Casino is my favourite casino and I‘m using Person to Person to deposit and withdraw quickly, things like this i‘ve used hundreds of times. I would have loved to see Skrill shutting down all casinos, but it’s business for me, thank you Skrill 🙂

  49. Olin Langosh II

    Gambling with MasterCard at Super Slots Casino is really fun game but they have everything to hide.

  50. Joannie Senger

    Bitcoin is working great at Super Slots Casino and I have used it here and here .

  51. Coralie Hayes

    Gambling with Ripple at Super Slots Casino is really fun, easy and safe, I advise everyone to give it a try and be happy.

  52. Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with American Express at Super Slots Casino (and now at Uneventegner Casino – thanks to Uneventegner).I am really happy with American Express, to pay with it so fast and seamless, with debit cards or PayPal (even if it requires a more complicated method like Canadian Paypal to receive and transfer funds).It’s very convenient and easy to get, and it’s very economical and quick, even better than Paypal. American Express is one of the best payment banks on the Internet.

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About Slotmachines in the US

Can you make money playing online slots?

This is what our guide to an online casino is for. We are going to talk you through the ways you can make money online and explain the different types of online slot games you can play. We are going to tell you about how you can win thousands of pounds in one night and, at the same time, we’ll help you make better money playing online slots than you can on your phone or tablet.

Before you can start playing online, you need to choose which one to play. This is easy.

You can pick from a variety of online slot games to play when you first create your account. Standard slots, roulette, bingo, progressive slots, bonus games and mini games are some of the most famous games on online casino websites.

The choice is yours and it’s a good idea to play some of the games you have some knowledge of first, but the key thing to remember is that there is only one winner, and there is no real way to cheat and win money in an online casino.

Both roulette and bingo are straightforward games. There are a couple of differences between the two however. Roulette, the most popular version of this game, is often referred to as blackjack and is a classic game with a highly competitive environment.

Players generally try to minimise their losses and maximise their winnings, by betting on the horses, throwing the dice and scoring the double sixes. If you are interested in playing online, there are some useful resources online to help you understand what it is you are actually playing.

Bingo is played over a longer period and the outcome of the game is decided by luck more than skill. There are also different versions of bingo with multiple balls and bonuses to be won.

Online casino games can also be played on a mobile device. The difference with this method is that you will not be interacting with another player, although you can still win money in real-life money.

The main benefit of mobile slots is the speed and convenience. The casino will have setup a lot of controls for you, so you can decide the specific details of the game and track your results. The game is almost guaranteed to be free to play and any winnings will be paid directly to your online casino account.

Even if you don’t fancy playing on your phone, it’s worth checking out mobile slot games. You can get a slice of the gaming pie without spending a penny. These can be great fun and you could potentially be a millionaire before you know it.

If you decide to place a wager or two, you’ll usually get the chance to claim a free slot play or the chance to get a discount code that will take you straight to a real cash machine.

One good example of an online casino bonus is Betway’s excellent Bonus of the Day. Normally, you will receive an amount of money that is greater than the cost of your entry, and your casino account will be paid directly for any winnings.

When you play online slots you have complete control. As long as you stick with your first bet, there is no way for you to lose. The only risk is when you choose to gamble. The casino will give you the best odds available but it’s up to you to risk it.

Instead of being reliant on luck, online casinos take it all on board. Some games will take several spins to find out whether you have a winner or a loser. This may be more exciting, but it also increases the risk of taking the wrong bet and being out of pocket.

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