About IgnitionCasino

In 2016, Ignition Casino was just added. For players who deposit cash at Ignition, the casino offers prizes of up to $3,000 in bonus money. Ignition has a Curacao License.

Pros and Cons

Just a couple of the stuff we enjoy about Ignition Casino are top-notch casino play, incentive offers, customer care and stellar FAQs. There are fewer games than regular online casinos, and there are no strategies for e-wallet banking. There are no e- cards or e-wallets in the casino.

Review Contents

We’ve added a preview of all of the other sections of our Ignition analysis in this segment. If you want to skip ahead to one of these sections, you can use these segment names as jump links. Just note, it’s better if you look at anything we’ve provided in our report.

Website Overview

Ignition Casino is one of the online casino industry’s newer entrants. The website is built specifically for American players. Sadly, we did not find a complete list of which countries are excluded from playing on their website.

Ratings by Category

At the moment, Ignition Casino has about 300 casino games for customers to enjoy. A much smaller set of games to select from can be found by smartphone clients. In order to transfer money on and off the platform, consumers have seven banking ways.

The Casino

For online gaming clients, Ignition Casino has over 200 options. 25% of Ignition Casino’s slots are progressive machines with corresponding jackpots. With major honors, Ignition has a few selections, including “Shopping Spree,” which is over $3,800,000. In its website, the casino does not have any advertised slot machines.

Table Games

In their series, Ignition Casino has about 40 separate table games. This is a nice number of table games and is well above the average in the market. There are popular games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat to pick from. For a taste of what you will find in this segment, check out the list of their top 10 choices below.

Video Poker

There are 17 different video poker options provided by Ignition Casino. This is lower than the average that any other online casinos have seen. Las Vegas, Nevada, is where the casino is located.

Live Dealer Games

Almost 20 separate live dealer games are offered by Ignition Casino. Among the games available are Blackjack, Super 6, American Roulette, European Roulette, and Baccarat.

Specialty Games

22 independent specialty casino games are sold by Ignition Casino. Popular choices include keno and bingo. Pesca Bingo, Penguin Payday and Tiki Treasure Treasure Box: Top 10 specialty games. The games, as well as their own website, are available on the Ignition Casino website.

Poker Room

Cash play, sit and go poker and regular tournaments are sold by Ignition Casino. You’ll need to download the poker app from Ignition Casino to play some of these poker options.

Software Providers

On Ignition, casino games come from Real Time Gaming and Competing Gaming. Both firms have stellar reputations for their high-quality games within the market. To raise the number of games, Ignition might consider adding in games from other outlets.

User Interface

On both the desktop and tablet models, Ignition provides instant play. On the desktop edition, live dealer games are available, but you have to pay for the live dealer version to play.

Mobile Compatibility

It is possible to play the web edition of Ignition Casino on smartphones and tablets. Ignition pays less than the online casino norm. To their smartphone platform, they need to add more games.

Bonuses and Promotions

At Ignition Casino, we showcase some of our favorite incentives and promos. Be sure to visit Ignition’s promotional page to find out the complete list of their new deals. At the time of our review, we were showcasing some of the more common deals.

Casino Welcome Bonus

A premium welcome bonus has been developed by Ignition Casino. A 100 percent initial deposit match would favor players, who will award players with up to $1,

Bitcoin Welcome Bonus

Ignition Casino Bitcoin welcome bonus includes bonus cash of up to $3,000. When depositing $1k in Bitcoin or more for their opening deposit, players will receive $1,000.

Poker Welcome Bonus

Via a 100 percent deposit match, you can earn up to $1,000 in bonus money. Welcome Bonus for poker.

Bitcoin Bonus

As long as you use Bitcoin, you can win a 25 percent deposit match from Ignition Casino. With this promotion, on any refill, you will earn up to $1,000. For online casinos, the bonus funds from this deal are fine but can not be used for poker.

Tell a Friend Promotion

There is a wonderful referral service at Ignition Casino that helps you to make money by recommending to your buddies. You will make up to $125 for any friend you refer to who makes an initial deposit. Ignition Casino will pay you a 200 percent bonus,

Weekly Boost Promotion

Ignition Casino rewards you every week for a 100% refill deposit contest. Every single week, you will benefit from this contract.

Poker Weekly Freerolls

Players of Ignition Casino will play a weekly poker freeroll with $2,500 in prizes associated with it.

Poker Royal Flush Bonus

If you get a royal flush in a poker cash game, Ignition Casino will give you a big blind 50x game. The incentive is valid only in the Texas Hold’em cash games.

Poker Bad Beat Bonus

Ignition Casino has an opportunity to win up to 1,000 bucks. To qualify, you must use all of your hole cards to play a Texas Hold’em cash game.

Ignition Rewards Program

The higher you are in the ranks, the more advantages you’ll get. One of the most notable incentive line-ups in the casino industry is Ignition Incentives. For up to 60 days, the casino even provides a test drive deal.

Banking Methods

Ignition Casino has currency, credit card, Bitcoin, and debit card options available for banking. Any e-wallet solutions could be introduced to the list soon, including PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. For Bitcoin Currency, the charge and withdrawal cap is $5,000 for an individual account.

Customer Service

Through live chat, online contact form and phone, Ignition Casino’s customer service is open. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, they keep their customer service officers on hand. Please dial the included phone number below to call Ignition Casino: 1-855-370-0600. The mobile number is 1-844-856-370 and the company’s website contains the phone number. Visit their website: http://www.ignitioncasino.com/help for more information on Ignition.

The Final Verdict

For people looking to play online games, Ignition Casino has grown into an excellent choice. Customers who are searching for more flexibility may want to search out other casinos online. Ignition Casino is one of the first of its kind to be an online casino.

39 thoughts on “What deposit methods are available at IgnitionCasino?”

  1. Prof. Thomas Koch II

    UnionPay is working great at IgnitionCasino and I have never seen such good customer service from them

  2. Gabriel Jakubowski

    What I really like about Bitcoin and IgnitionCasino is that it’s not very good and they are not accepting your VisaCard when you want to withdraw from an online casino. It’s very hard to use their website or contact them and they will not help you to solve this problem.

  3. Dr. Taya Quitzon IV

    What I really like about Voucher and IgnitionCasino is they allow you to reserve a great amount of time without fraud.Another great thing is they just give you a full refund.

  4. What I really like about Visa and IgnitionCasino is its fast processing & customer service. I love this business . I love this company .

  5. Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with Visa at IgnitionCasino.com my site – a great start . Very reliable .

  6. What I really like about Zelle and IgnitionCasino is the team they have and the simple-to-use app.

  7. I’m using Visa to play at IgnitionCasino and one time i took the 20$, and no reply at all from them. Myaccount was restricted and I don’t know why. I had to cancel all the transactions (I also made lots of online payments, i didn’t use much).I really don’t recommend using it!

  8. Maverick Larkin

    Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with Zelle at IgnitionCasino , Never had a problem. Have been with Zelle for months with no problems with Deposits and Withdrawals. Zelle is a trustworthy company,they take care of their clients and keep up with their reviews and customer feedback.

  9. Dedrick Fisher

    Gambling with Voucher at IgnitionCasino is really fun, but it’s most probably the best of the casino here.

  10. BitcoinCash is working great at IgnitionCasino and I am happy. I am glad.The support is working so well too.

  11. Dr. Margarete King IV

    IgnitionCasino is my favourite casino and I‘m using BitcoinCash to deposit and withdraw.Casino tips for only one reason. It’s very fast transfer from one isky bank to another and its amazing that most casinos allow you to use the alternative payment system.

  12. Mrs. Gladyce Altenwerth

    Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with Voucher at IgnitionCasino.The money in my account is 100 percent sent to my 2nd bank account to pay for the games. I am super happy with the service and VIPC with withdrawals.My 3rd bank account was not activated in Xvidemene yet but it should happen within the next week or two.

  13. What I really like about BitcoinCash and IgnitionCasino is that they are also actually a safe platform.

  14. Miss Veda Auer DVM

    What I really like about American Express and IgnitionCasino is that they are very detailed in the terms and conditions about accepting me and my girlfriend as a client, which was the crucial point in taking our transaction on this forum. In this way I got exactly what I wanted in order to send money and they were correct and transparent with the exact nature of the deal in which I am providing my identification, where I was sending it and why.

  15. Mrs. Vena Feeney Sr.

    Visa is working great at IgnitionCasino and I am very satisfied with the service it provides.

  16. Trent O'Connell

    I’m using Voucher to play at IgnitionCasino and. I found it very helpful, easy, and fair at the moment. It saves you some fees and time when using the services, but I hope to see more and more features with the next updates of Voucher.

  17. Robin Champlin

    I’m using BitcoinCash to play at IgnitionCasino and withdrawing the money on the computers there. The withdrawals were accepted when I made the deposits.

  18. Sherman Stark

    IgnitionCasino is my favourite casino and I‘m using Visa to deposit my CasinoMastercard. Best offer you can get!!! VISA is a waste of time if you want to have the high advancenuity of online casino

  19. Rick Bahringer

    What I really like about MasterCard and IgnitionCasino is that they have a 1/100 SKRILL bonus. I am really happy with MasterCard.

  20. Alisa Reichel PhD

    American Express is working great at IgnitionCasino and I would not hesitate to use it here.

  21. Elnora Spinka MD

    Gambling with MasterCard at IgnitionCasino is really fun and it is really fun that we can use our MasterCard for our casino game at IgnitionCasino. There are many other casinos like Pokerstars and Neteller have MasterCard.

  22. Jennifer Stracke

    IgnitionCasino is my favourite casino and I‘m using UnionPay to deposit and pay using it but would like to use other online casinos with. I’ve heard positive things about UnionPay as far as they’re going but I think its better to go with Skrill and withdraw your money straight away. I think it’s easier to do all your transactions through Skrill and withdraw once the processing is completed, but that would only work if Skrill is going to do the withdraw process at all. Thank you.

  23. Tristian Kovacek PhD

    IgnitionCasino is my favourite casino and I‘m using Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw. The same team even make my transactions processed in seconds as I don’t have to worry about getting an account blocked and my funds blocked. I also have the option to deposit and withdraw with Skrill without any limits. There are few limitations that you need to be aware of, but overall, you should never experience any problem with Bitcoin.

  24. Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with UnionPay at IgnitionCasino. I have gone back a few times to withdraw my Neteller-Skrill funds and to go back and amend my document to reimburse them. Also my Neteller account was terminated and all my account details changed without my knowledge. All the info that I submitted for verification was the same as my email it appears that I cannot add a new Neteller or Skrill account anymore. The website does not let me check my account details anymore. I send them all the information regarding the Neteller-Skrill transaction and I was sent a verification document saying that I was unable to access my account. There is no reply or notification that I am not verified with them anymore. I have lost 2.75 MB or so and they are going to go bankrupt. Better fufillment myself and their fraudulent customer service.

  25. Macie Thompson

    What I really like about UnionPay and IgnitionCasino is that they both have customer support (english and german)

  26. I’m using Bitcoin to play at IgnitionCasino and I love it.I’m not sure why, but to some people it’s clearly online gambling.After dealing with every effort I was trying to and telling myself they were searching for skrill, they finally got in touch with me, via their customer service, who answered a few months later, and they refunded me the following refund request of 12.99 USD. The reason? I want to get a new deposit book.The Bitcoin community is a fantastic, great to deal with.They didn’t get in touch with me to get the money from their payment service provider. Because I’m fully upstanding, the team at IgnitionCasino is professional, it was fully managed and they handled the matter well, and it took a month to resolve the matter.So, if you have decided to get involved in Bitcoin, stay away from Skrill and avoid this service, otherwise you might get something over a month later, a refund request and then with all the information showing, and if your decision is no you’ll not be refunded. The 3% is likely the profit skrill has

  27. Dr. Bernie Marks

    Gambling with BitcoinCash at IgnitionCasino is really fun and simple to use.I can use BitcoinCash online at IgnitionCasino and both numbers and words are generated automatically on my computer, so you can just play online like you always do with BitcoinCash. BitcoinCash is not only a payment system, it is also a free platform for all games and activities such as casino, poker and lottery.

  28. Prof. Ashton Johnston

    Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with American Express at IgnitionCasino, but the US Visa MasterCard is not working at this time.

  29. I’m using Zelle to play at IgnitionCasino and I’ve been able to win some amazingly big money. Zelle offers great security and fairness. There’s even an in-house casino team that are able to provide you a lot of help should you get stuck. So if I can call it a success rate, then Zelle is doing something right. I recommend it to everyone.

  30. Gambling with American Express at IgnitionCasino is really fun and this will be the best customer service with indepetition, its sure I will be more than satisfied with American Express gambling from IgnitionCasino!

  31. IgnitionCasino is my favourite casino and I‘m using Zelle to deposit my netacredit card and I will never use them again.

  32. Mrs. Vallie Hane

    IgnitionCasino is my favourite casino and I‘m using Voucher to deposit funds every month since 2019. This casino has a masterCard technology and was specially created to operate under Voucher card.

  33. Prof. Chester Gusikowski

    I’m using UnionPay to play at IgnitionCasino and it is slow compared to Bank Transfer that I have. I don’t know how the server returned the error at this point since they did not reply to my issue for 14 days, but I have already written another customer review on their review page so hopefully will get the issue resolved. Customer support is very basic.

  34. Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with BitcoinCash at IgnitionCasino (the site is the same, the casino is not responding to emails and if the withdrawals go through, the withdrawal times are shortened to 30 minutes, the withdrawals go through without getting rejected).

  35. Dewayne Buckridge

    Gambling with UnionPay at IgnitionCasino is really fun, you really can use your numbers in skrill to withdraw, so why should I not use it?.

  36. Gambling with Visa at IgnitionCasino is really fun and well. I really liked the experience of doing nothing

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