About ClubWorldCasinos

Club World Casinos is the domain of the Club World Casino Company (CWC). The casino party turned poor in 2016, when they threw out their former leadership and sought the support of the rebel AffPower Group. This has contributed to things going sour, and because of bad management and lack of compensation to players, we have blacklisted all Club World casinos.

Responsible Gambling, Customer Support & Security

Club World Casino has a full page on their website devoted to responsible gaming. Protection is tackled by the technology of 128-bit SSL encryption. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via mobile, email and live chat.

Terms and Conditions, Banking.

For an American-friendly site, the banking scheme is decent. Club World Group has an impressive tradition of reliably paying out. Owing to limitations on US gambling transactions, payoff times can be long. Terms and conditions are equal and players earn nothing unjust or predatory.

Depositing and Withdrawing when in the US

The corporate partnership with the management of the family-owned Club World group went sour in November 2016. They have brought the organization in a different direction since then, one with dishonour and a blacklisted status.

Comp Point Program

Depending upon the game played, players earn 1 Comp Point for every $10 wagered. 100 Comp Points can be converted to $1 and are not subject to the criteria for wagering.


Club World Casinos were introduced back in 2005 and have been one of the casino sites with the most players. In total, the casino has 12,000 poker tables and over 100,000 games. The Club World Head Office. There is a casino in Nicosia, Cyprus.


The Club World Casinos Gaming segment hosts approximately 250 games, including classic slots, video slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, video poker, keno, and scratch cards. All of the games at the Club World casino are colorful and vivid. They have different themes, such as cartoons, horses, space, cowboys and characters from cartoons.


Situational promotions, prize lotteries, and sweepstakes are offered by Club World Casino. Gamblers will get a refund of 100 percent of the money put on the balance of their account. VIP rooms and systems do not exist.


On the Club World gaming site, the minimum deposit is 35 USD and the limit is 1,000 USD. The payment transactions are immediate and once your account is replenished, you will begin playing. The minimum withdrawal is 35USD for EcoPayz, Skrill and Neteller customers and the limit is 5,001 USD a week. Bitcoin owners can turn from USD 50 to USD 6,000 and only have to wait a day.


Customer service from Club World Casino is available 24/7. On the casino’s main tab, live chat is open and can be reached on any page. You can also contact the assistance line by calling 1-888-671-2855.


For IOS and Android, Club World Casino has a smartphone version. Sports such as video slots, classic slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, video poker, keno, scratch cards, etc.


The team uses secure links, such as SSL, approved by the Verisign Secure Server Certification Authority. All details, such as your postal address, name, e-mail address and telephone number, is kept confidential. To recognize and protect your personal data and account, the website will see your IP address.


With respect to young gamblers, the Club World Casinos approach is very rigid. If you are less than 18 years old, it is forbidden to gamble. They’re partnered for the National Gambling Addiction Committee. Israel, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the United Kingdom, France, Costa Rica, and the Netherlands Antilles.


One of those casinos I’ve been interested in for a long time is Club World. It draws gamblers from all over the world and yet has a very poor ranking. I wanted to research it and come up with my own view in order to explain why such a respectable casino has not earned a greater ranking.

32 thoughts on “What deposit methods are available at ClubworldCasinos?”

  1. Miss Cordie Larkin MD

    Interac is working great at ClubWorldCasinos and I am satisfied. I really appreciate the communication.

  2. Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with EcoPayz at so you may enjoy the life of the rich!

  3. ClubWorldCasinos is my favourite casino and I‘m using Visa to deposit now and it’s never been more convenient.

  4. Mrs. Cordia O'Reilly

    I’m using Skrill to play at ClubWorldCasinos and they’re transferring my money back to my credit card despite their fraudulent practices and transfers always don’t work.

  5. Bessie Tillman

    Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with Skrill at ClubWorldCasinos.skrill has been working well and fast without errors and good people service .thank you skrill team I continue to keep with your company . Thanks again for a great service and great user experience .

  6. Gambling with Bitcoin at ClubWorldCasinos is really fun and fast.They are even pretty good on their support team.

  7. What I really like about MasterCard and ClubWorldCasinos is they are very secure, when you use them for any kind of financial or gambling site you will get verified and won’t loose any money . They are fast and efficient with regards to their verification process and security. Very good support and they answer all questions at an instant. They charge you for credit card without discrimination. I like them because they are the fastest. I don’t see any major issue in the current launch of MasterCard or ClubWorldCasinos.

  8. Dr. Kiara Schumm PhD

    ClubWorldCasinos is my favourite casino and I‘m using Bitcoin to deposit my wager.

  9. Linwood Boehm Sr.

    I’m using Bitcoin to play at ClubWorldCasinos and Paypal’s accepted but this is over half of my net worth. They say it’s nothing but a tool to withdraw your money from your bank account as they can’t reach your account. This is so frustrating and now I’m making a withdrawal and it’s been a day and there are no answers and they can’t even read my message. They even give you the option to reply to your ticket via email, I didn’t do that. As if I’m a criminal that’s my reaction! So, if anyone comes across this, don’t send them money, unless you want to be treated like a criminal for your good taste.

  10. What I really like about Interac and ClubWorldCasinos is that I can withdraw my fund. This is absolutely brilliant.

  11. I’m using Interac to play at ClubWorldCasinos and I can’t even get an e-mail. They don’t even reply.

  12. Skrill is working great at ClubWorldCasinos and I love the amazing and awesome English speaking customer service

  13. Deposits and Withdrawals are working great with Interac at ClubWorldCasinos, I guess their after-hours call center is useless. Best of luck to the team, it was a pleasure.Thank you

  14. Grace Marquardt

    Visa is working great at ClubWorldCasinos and I had such a great experience to use my Visa card!.

  15. Gambling with EcoPayz at ClubWorldCasinos is really fun to watch. I actually have zero reason to use them because they take your money right away and then you have to do back right away after they force you to do something. After you do your back and forth every single time, they will send you a screen where you need to input your secret code to unlock your account but they only give you a password when they send you the screen.

  16. Scarlett Schiller IV

    What I really like about Neteller and ClubWorldCasinos is the the positive reviews. I have long waited for my game’s close date, and the 3 weeks have come to an end! I have been waiting for everything to close, I am sure it will take another month to a month to return! I feel good about the “closed” date, not bad at all considering my bad experience there. Only my game have not been closed by me! I don’t want to thank each review for mentioning my bad experience, but they all are true in the end!I really enjoyed each of these 3 years, I just regret it that I didn’t had the best review,I hope that everybody enjoy their new life!

  17. Griffin Willms

    ClubWorldCasinos is my favourite casino and I‘m using Interac to deposit and withdrawal money since a long time.

  18. Earline Gleason

    I’m using Neteller to play at ClubWorldCasinos and I love it. Use it if you are missing the service of Paypal or cannot use any other. I also used it to book and withdrawal online and it works great!

  19. Mack Erdman V

    EcoPayz is working great at ClubWorldCasinos and I highly recommend this service to all casino card users.

  20. Marcelino Turcotte

    ClubWorldCasinos is my favourite casino and I‘m using Skrill to deposit and withdraw. I’ve had problems with my UPI and PayPal but Skrill provides excellent customer service so I’m very pleased with the service and I’m sure it’s a hassle-free way of spending online.

  21. Gambling with MasterCard at ClubWorldCasinos is really fun. There are alot of companies offering mobile based gambling by you can call and find the nearest casino to your location. If you have to pay by credit card it would be a waste of money to use MasterCard. I would never recommend using this scheme and its easy to see why if you have $2000 burning a hole in your bank account every time you play. This website knows about the lot but a very simple process on how to use them they should improve.

  22. London Waelchi

    What I really like about EcoPayz and ClubWorldCasinos is that they let me withdraw directly from the website. And also that I can close my account without any doubts. At last, it’s so easy to reach that I really enjoy using it! So in conclusion, I’m so pleased with the service and I have decided to do more business with them in the future.

  23. Mr. Carlo McDermott

    MasterCard is working great at ClubWorldCasinos and I am satisfied with the Service.

  24. Dale Gulgowski

    What I really like about Skrill and ClubWorldCasinos is, that is a massive deposit. So I took out 300 euro from my account and deposited the same money to my account in Skrill and then proceeded to get 100 euro per week when I was logged into my account.Really glad I chose Skrill

  25. Ms. Dianna Koepp DVM

    ClubWorldCasinos is my favourite casino and I‘m using Neteller to deposit and to transfer my winnings. Neteller never displayed my support ticket number. So when I tried to use my Neteller card without any question they had banned me. Entropay seems to be a hidden buyer of pain. I prefer Best Choice for its value, for avoiding entropay I would go with Paypal.

  26. Viviane O'Keefe

    What I really like about Bitcoin and ClubWorldCasinos is that I can withdraw my money from the casino to my bank account in few minutes and then you can withdraw it to your own bank account immediately.

  27. I’m using EcoPayz to play at ClubWorldCasinos and Cash Cash. It’s really fast to get on the right page and they have been very helpful and answered me on a very timely manner.

  28. Edythe Smitham III

    Gambling with Visa at ClubWorldCasinos is really fun and money well spent!!!

  29. I’m using MasterCard to play at ClubWorldCasinos and I’ve lost my money. I was away for 2 years and I lost my entire money. I am too afraid of sharing this account in my own country.

  30. Jedediah Hills DDS

    I’m using Visa to play at ClubWorldCasinos and my cards aren’t accepted on all the sites. I’m using Visa by payeer.

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